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work share info
work shares tomato harvest

Signing up is easy - click here for a printable commitment form for 2017.

A great way to get more involved at the farm, and save money on the share price, is to sign up for a Work Share. This involves working at the farm for 3 hours per week for 25 weeks, working a total of 75 hours. In exchange, you get a reduced rate on a Family Share. We don’t offer Work Shares for Single Shares. The discounted price for a Work Share for 2017 is $315. We are looking for 40 work shares for the 2017 season.

In addition to the 40 work shares, we also recruit 10 Extreme Work Share members, which requires an average of about 3.5 hours per week for 35 weeks, for a total of 125 work hours, starting in April. The actual work time per week may vary due to the work project being undertaken. In exchange for the Extreme Work Share, you get a free Family Share. We are looking for 10 Extreme Shares for 2017, first come first served. Please contact Steve before taking on an Extreme Work Share.

We ask all work shares to assign themselves one regular day that they can consistently work each week. The choices are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday mornings. On Tuesdays and Fridays your start time should be between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. These days will typically be devoted to harvesting and preparing produce for distribution. On Wednesdays and Saturdays start time is also between 7 a.m. and  9 a.m., and these crews will chiefly be transplanting or weeding. We have no work slots available on Thursdays, Sundays, or Mondays.

We can be very flexible with peoples’ schedules and understand that people go on vacations, etc., throughout the summer. We only ask that you let us know in advance when your chosen day will change, and that you please don’t come unannounced looking to work. This is very important for the flow of our workdays.

We also understand that after a few weeks, some may find that this type of work isn’t for them, or unexpected schedule changes make it hard to continue. We really want this experience to be stress-free. If you do feel you can’t complete your year as a work share, you can pay the balance owed minus the hours you’ve already worked and stay on as a member with a Family share.

Details about exactly what day we need work share members to start, along with any other information will be emailed to you as it becomes known to the farmers.


Above, Steve and two work share members gathering the tomato harvest, summer 2012; Right, the work share crew harvesting kale, fall 2012.
work share picking kale


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