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about us
the farm family
The farm family, October 2012:
Robyn, Steve, Rhea Sophia, Jake and Silas.
Below, Asbury Village Farm's newly plowed fields surrounded by lovely forested hills and wetlands.






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Asbury Village Farm (AVF) is a 20-acre Certified Naturally Grown diversified vegetable farm located in Asbury (Franklin Township), Warren County, New Jersey. We operate our CSA for 25 weeks from June until Thanksgiving week, offering seasonal vegetables as well as flowers and herbs. AVF was formed in 1992 and the current farmers, Robyn Weber and Steve Zwier, began leasing the farm in December of 2010, with plans to eventually buy the land.  Previous to that, Steve completed a 3 year live-in apprenticeship at the CSG at Genesis Farm in nearby Blairstown, NJ. We are now embarking on our eighth season in 2018 with the Asbury Village Farm CSA.

We believe that healthy crops start with healthy soil, and that insect and disease issues are symptoms of soil fertility imbalance. As such, we don’t apply any pesticides or herbicides, organically approved or otherwise, anywhere on our farm. We use row covers, field rotations, cover crops and healthy soil to keep insect and disease damage to a reasonable level. We are not at war with nature. There may be some holes in the arugula or cabbages, but we see that as proof that no poisons were applied. 

We also feel very strongly that fresh, healthy food must be available to anyone that wants it. Organic food at the supermarket can be extremely expensive. We believe in charging as much as we have to, not as much as we can. We do everything we can to make sure that shares at our farm are affordable. If you want a share here but aren’t sure you can afford it, call or email us and we will work with you.

Our family chooses a simple lifestyle; we are not interested in getting rich. Our personal focus on health, family, and simplicity is translated to our business practices as well. As a homeschooling family, our children are very much a part of day-to-day farm life. We live here and work here, we eat what we grow, and enjoy wonderful health and well-being. We feel that eating food as close to the earth as possible is a major factor in living a vibrant, meaningful life, and what better way to express this than to make our living by offering the best food available (homegrown veggies!) to others in our community, via our CSA.

Apart from our outstanding work share members who help with planting, weeding, harvesting, and share preparation, we do all our own work. Farm management and planning is done by Steve; the website is designed and maintained by Robyn; emails and phone correspondence is handled by both Robyn and Steve; we compost all our biodegradable materials; we do our own research, accounting and marketing; we install our own fencing, greenhouses, and irrigation systems; Robyn writes the weekly recipe sheets provided for CSA members; Steve upkeeps and repairs all tractor equipment and farm tools....all this in addition to our favorite work, which is of course playing in the dirt! We share a love of fresh air, physical labor, and nurturing our little seedlings so they may grow up to become ripe delicious vegetables.

plowed fields 2012


Asbury Village Farm
10 Asbury Bloomsbury Road
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