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community supported agriculture


A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is an alternative, locally-based model of agriculture and food distribution, in which growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production. It is a farming practice wherein members join the farm at the onset of the growing season with a one-time payment, and in exchange receive a share of the anticipated harvest at regular intervals throughout the season. A CSA brings consumers closer to where their food is grown; there is no middleman. A major benefit for the members is the potential to visit the farm and talk with the grower, which empowers them to know more about how their food is grown, and to witness first-hand how things are done at the farm.

CSAs also bring local community together. We are an agriculturally supported community, and the closer the relationship between farmer and customer, the stronger the community food web becomes. A strong agricultural community will ride out social and economic turmoil and continue to support its members through it. Members are not directly buying the produce, but rather buying a share in the farm operation itself and receiving vegetables in return.

By supporting a local CSA, one may enjoy all the many perks of coming to the farm to pick up their share, picking fresh flowers and certain vegetables when in season, learning new recipes that incorporate what is naturally in season, preparing and eating a variety of the freshest most nutritious foods, meeting new friends, feeling more connected to the earth’s rhythms, and living more sustainably and ecologically responsible.


If you are considering a membership, it is helpful to prepare yourself with some basic concepts. Joining a CSA is not like going to a supermarket or grocery store, nor a farmers market. The produce will not always be visually perfect. Sometimes it will be dirty. We only offer vegetables that grow during the season we’re in, because we grow all the vegetables ourselves. Also, the price is stable because you pay up front and are not at the mercy of a fluctuating market.

Also, CSAs are not corporate. We don’t employ secretaries, marketing agents, web designers, or lawyers.  You are our stockholders, and our decisions are based on giving you a quality product rather than the largest possible financial return.

woman picking up her share
  And finally, it is necessary to keep in mind that CSAs are at the mercy of Mother Nature. The farmers do all they can to ensure plenty of harvest for all members every week, but variations in quantity are bound to occur. Such issues as poor seed germination, drought, floods, high winds, pest damage, overheat and frost can cause the crop yields to fall short of expectations. Likewise, we may have a bumper crop of this or that vegetable, resulting in more tomatoes, for example, than you know what to do with. In these cases, it can be a worthwhile challenge to preserve the excess by canning, freezing and drying, thus prolonging the harvest into the winter months.  


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